Mega Cab Long Bed Conversions

Mega Cab Heading Image
  • 3D Cad engineered front spring hangers
  • Additional cossmember added to frame behind new front hanger
  • Frame extended above rear axle
  • 1/8" thick inner and outer tube, welded inside and out
  • 1/4" total thickness of extension (1/8") is stock frame thickness
  • Wiring harness extended, soldered and heat-shrunk
  • 20" added to the wheelbase
  • Still has tighter turning radius than a Crew cab long bed Chevy
  • Better ride than stock
  • Better towing characteristics due to longer wheelbase
  • Full 8' bed with the popular Mega Cab
  • Conversions available on All Mega Cab Trucks with REAR LEAF SPRINGS ONLY

Turn Key Conversion Estimates Starting at $5500